Monday, May 10, 2010

How do i make my nails white?

I used to bite my nails really bad ,i mean they were u-g-l-y an through the help of a nail salon i now have long nails again .naturally im excited cuz i now get to do smthin i really never got to do :wear nail polish!!But recently i noticed that my nailsc r really yellow ,so for pple not to notice i always have a french manicure.But i really want my nails to b healthy an white again,without paintin them.Ive also tried those tablets u put in water an they ';dissolve'; the yellownes...didnt work!!! So i wanna kno if im eating the wrong food or smthin an wat can i do to make them white???(an please dont tell me to stop usin nail polish )?How do i make my nails white?
The staining is coming from the polish itself.

Soak you nails in hydrogen peroxide and a little soapy water each manicure. I am sure there are products on the market for this.How do i make my nails white?
Soak your nails in squeezed Lemons for about 10 minutes each everyday!

in a week your nails will be as white as a mm.. u figure that out! =]

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My friend has beautiful white nails - the only thing different we do from each other is that she drinks tons of milk (i hate milk)

I hope this helps.

Congrats on the ';new'; long nails - - I still wear glue ons cause I still bite :-(
get a manicure and ask for white nail polish.
i had this problem in 6th grade i would paint my nails a diffrent color like every 3 days. and then they turned yellow so i had to tone it down with the painting it was so embarrassing i just painted them over with a clear coat and said it was nail grow but if you can the best thing to do is let them breathe for a bit, the chemcials from acrylic nails arent the best- but soak your nails in some hyrdo peroxide and soapy water and rinse and get a small brush and take some baking soda and kinda scrub at your nails. get a moisturizer and massage the bed of each nail.
Shayla's snaps is absolutely right. This could well be coming from the nail polish itself (especially if you wear dark colours). Hydrogen peroxide will probably help but it doesn't sound very healthy for your nails generally. I don't have this problem but I've heard applying lemon juice works well and also getting an old toothbrush and some whitening toothpaste and giving them a good scrub. Why not try asking the salon that helped you grow your nails? They sound good.

You don't have to stop wearing nail varnish BUT you absolutely must start wearing a clear, protective base coat all the time but especially if you wear dark colours!!
I had this same problem and asked a few days ago in a question and my best answer was to take whitening toothpaste and a soft toothbrush and go over your nails with a light circular motion. Do this a few times a day and they will whiten right up.
If you smoke cigarettes that could be it, I do and my nails get yellow, but usually after a shower they are white again. Try soaking them in some water with a few drops of bleach in it, or even better for your house, use comet or ajax to scrub your sinks/tub out. My hands are so soft and white when I get done. But make sure that you moisturize well after that because the bleach is damaging. I've also noticed that some hand lotions turn my nails color too.

I'm very happy for you! :) I used to bite my nails too! Now they are so long and beautiful my friend was actually gushing over them the other day!
bleach! :)
It's probably from the nail polish, esp if you wear dark colors. You MUST wear a base coat first. When you buy it, make sure it actually says base coat. It will protect your nails from the color.
Put on artificail french nails

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