Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do i make the tips of my nails white?

Mine grow a dodjy yellow kinda colour but i want them to be nice and white, is there anything i can put on them or dip them in to bleach them or whiten them?How do i make the tips of my nails white?
you can buy this suff at Sally Beauty Supply called bubble white, it works well but is a little $$, or you can mix 3Tbl baking soda with 1Tbl hydrogen Peroxide to make a past and let it sit on and under your nails for 5 minutes.How do i make the tips of my nails white?
I've read that if you soak your nails in eferdent it will help whiten them just like 10 minutes and brush under running water. I guess if it can work on false teeth it can work on nails.
start clealing them ever day and keep all the dirt out.
put some milky white nail polish
well if u start drinking milk and eating healthy things your nail should clean up. also you may have a nail infection so go see your local doctor
if your a smoker, stop , that is what is doing it....
you are either a smoker, or you just dont drink enough milk.. so- stop the smoke, and start the drink.

but you can paint your nails (tips) white.. thats what i do sometimes to avoid paying $30 for a french manicure. its so easy once you get the hang of it.

Paint your nails a light pinkish color like you normally would paint a nail. then just take the white nail polish brush and go the opposite way of how you would normally paint your nails... (go side to side, instead of the normal up and down paint) and only paint the tip of your nail.. after you are done with that, put a clear coat on it..

Looks great, and lots of people really dont even notice a difference until you really look at them.

Good luck
Well if you're healthy the tips will naturally be white. Try changing your diet.

Wash your hands a lot and get the dirts out of them to prevent bacteria.

Don't itch your head too much, because that's where most of the dirt in your fingernails comes from.

or just french tip them if they bother you so much.
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