Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you get your nails white again after nailpolish?

Have used nail polish for years and they have yellowed. How to get them white again?How do you get your nails white again after nailpolish?
***had that happen myself. had to just let them grow out w/o polish. looks awful but as long as u keep painting them they'll keep staining. i guess a person could use a really pale color over the stains and block it a little.How do you get your nails white again after nailpolish?
i use a Mixter of peroxide and baking soda and soak my nails in for a few minutes and then scrub them with a too brush it really works

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to get your nails white again after you put nail polish on them is you have to get achoal or nail cleaner to get it off
I noticed once when i cleaned the bathroom, using diluted bleach and water, my nail tips were alabaster white. GLEAMING. Although, i would say bleach is hard on your nails.
I usually use baby oil.
Lemmon and milk (no kidding)
lemon juice
soak in lemon juice or vinegar
i used white nail polish and it seemed to work...not really sure if it does for sure, though
hmmm..what do you mean exactly? to take the color off, you want to you a nail polish remover and a cotton ball/tissue. soak the item and rub it over your nail, until the color comes off.

to remove dis-coloring on your nail (like your nail is stained) rub lemon on them for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. use a base coat next time and it should not happen. also, try going to a beauty supply store (like sallys) and find a nail polish that removes the stains.
put ur nails in water and a lot of solt for 30 - 40 minutes. then cut a lemon in half and rub ur nails with lemon juice and powder soda.
rub your nails with a fresh cut lemon.

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